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List of Scholars for SY 2014-2015 (NEW SCHOLARS)


1. Jeremie Casires

 1st year, BS-ECE Electronics and Communication, Southern Luzon State University

2. Jonathan Trongcoso

1st year, BSHE, University of Eastern Philippines

3. Tyra Panganiban

1st year, Basic Engineering, Southern Luzon State University

4. Joenel Zara

1st year, Computer Engineering, Southern Luzon State University

5. Neslie Foliente

4th year, BS Nursing, Adventist University of the Philippines



1. Michael Allan Rivera

 Grade 9, Callejon National High School

2. Aira Mariz Reyes

 Grade 9, Callejon National High School

3. Sidney Jane Eusebio

 Grade 9, Callejon National High School

4. Mariela Eusebio

 Fourth year, Callejon National High School

5. Mary Rose Marbella

 Grade 8, Callejon National High School

6. Marchie Decano

 Grade 8, Central Bukidnon Institute

7. Jimil Dayo

1st year, Manuel S. Enverga Academy


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