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Policy-Scholars Receiving Scholarship in Installment

DATE : July 4, 2011
TO : Scholars Receiving Scholarship on Installment
FROM : Administrative department
SUBJECT : Scholarship Grant Policy for the School Year 2011-2012

Please be informed that the following documents (original or photocopy) shall be submitted for the complete processing of Scholarship Grant.

For 1st Release of Scholarship Grant (Period: June/November)
1. Completely and properly accomplished Application form (new/renewal)
2. Liquidation report (copy of last semester’s official receipts, if not yet submitted)
3. School’s Assessment of Fees for the Semester (if available at the time of application)

For 2nd Release of Scholarship Grant (Period: July-August/December-January)
1. School ID (front and back)
2. Entrance Slip/Official Registration Form
3. Liquidation Report (copy of official receipts-June/November)

For 3rd Release of Scholarship Grant (Period: September-October/February-March)
1. Liquidation Report (copy of official receipts-July and August/December and January)
2. School’s Assessment of Fees for the Semester
3. Score per subject on Prelim and/or Midterm exams

After the Semester
1. Final Liquidation Report (copy of official receipts-September and October/February and March)
2. Official Final Grades with General weighted average

Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you.