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Results for Initial Screening of Applicants for Scholarship

The following applicants are advised to submit the documentary requirements for the final evaluation and approval of their scholarship:

High School College

1. Baroquiña, Jerieza D. 1. Castillo, Peter Glen U.
2. Pestejo, Kristine Joy L. 2. Vallesteros, Alvin U.
3. Hernandez, Allyson L. 3. Apolonio, Jenjelyn G.
4. Calisin, Emanuel GOC 4. Suyan, Alvin A.
5. Hernandez, Maribelle A. 5. Rivera, Mary Grace H.
6. Calusin, John Jasper C. 6. Rebleza, Oliver Jayson L.
7. Carubio, Nicole B. 7. Mandocdoc, Romel M.
8. Flores, Paul Joushua P. 8. Rodelas, John Michael R.
9. Espinosa, Irish Cheska C. 9. Tan, Marie Veronica K.
10. Borlaza, Mariel 10. Tanbonliong, Angelyn B.
11. Yuson, Alyssa Asly O.

IMPORTANT! Submission of documentary requirements shall be on or before May 26, 2012 only.

The following are required for the final evaluation:

1. 2x2 picture (if none was attached in the application form submitted to the foundation)
2. Birth Certificate
3. Latest student ID
4. Transcript of Records (showing the General Weighted Average)
5. Certificate/s of Recognition/s
6. Documentary evidence of achievements and activites/organization involvements
7. Official Receipts/proofs of payment of tuition/enrolment & other related fees
8. School's Assessment of Fees (where you wish to study)
9. Evidence of Scholarship received from the school (where you graduated/study and/or where you wish to study) or from any other institutions/agencies